Where to go in Turkey

Best places to visit in Turkey

Now that you have decided to visit Turkey. Next is to decide where to go in Turkey. Indeed, with so many places to visit in Turkey, this decision isn’t always easy. Turkey is a diverse country, full of archeological sites, snow top mountains, religous attractions, dramatic landscapes like Cappadocia, blue Mediterrean and Agean Seas, amazing waterfalls, wonderful national parks, and beautiful-historical … Read more

Van Travel Guide

Van Travel Guide

Here is our Van Travel Guide. Van is located at the Eastern Turkey. It is by the eastern shores of Van Lake. Population of the city is about half million. History of the city and area goes back to 6th millenium BC. It was the capital of Urartu State during iron age, between 9th and … Read more



Diyarbakır is in the south east of Turkey on the banks of Tigris River. After Şanlıurfa and Gaziantep, it is the 3rd largest city of the region with about 1,5 million population. Unfortunately, starting from 1980’s Diyarbakır suffered because of terrorism of Pkk and Pkk affiliated organizations such as YPJ, PJAK, KCK, SDF and more. … Read more



Urfa, officially Sanliurfa is located at the south east of Turkey and has a boundry with Syria. It is the city of the Prophets. Like a decade ago, archeologist start excavating the oldest temple of the world, called Gobeklitepe at the north of city center. The city has about 2 million residents. Urfa is a … Read more



Mardin is a city in southeastern Turkey. It is known for the Artuqid architecture of its old city, and for its strategic location on a rocky hill near the Tigris River that rises steeply over the flat plains. The city has large populations of Kurds, Arabs, and Assyrians. A 2013 study showed that 49% of Mardin’s population identify as Arabs. Getting to Mardin There is … Read more

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